About Streetcar 82

What's In A Name?

The brewery takes its name from the 82 Streetcar line which ran from 1888 until its closing on September 7, 1958. This line started at 5th & G St in Washington D.C. and continued through the neighborhoods of Eckington, Woodridge, Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville, and College Park. The route follows Rhode Island Ave (Rt. 1) for the majority of the trip from DC to Hyattsville and beyond. The name was chosen because It leads right to the front door of the brewery and it is easy to imagine ourselves hopping onto Streetcar 82 and meeting up at our brewery to make and drink craft beer!

Streetcar 82 in Riverdale Park at Town Center (c. 1950)

Streetcar 82 at Crittenden Crossing, Hyattsville (1957)

Our Location

Why did we decide on Hyattsville, MD? In one word…community. Community is significant to us. The community support here in Hyattsville is unique to this area. The Hyattsville area has a thriving community of makers, artisans, and creators. As a deaf-owned business, we have the support of a large Deaf community because of our proximity to Gallaudet University. We know our neighbors and we can say, “Hello, how is your spouse/family/dog/cat doing?” Many of our regulars will respond to us in ASL! This sense of warmth, togetherness, and community is something that we care deeply about and this is reflected in the brewery: a gathering place where people can come together, be neighborly, and enjoy beer.

How It's Going

Five years and countless glasses of beer served later, S82 is a stalwart anchor of the Hyattsville community. Mark Burke is the brewery’s majority owner and the head brewer. Mark was a school administrator before turning to brewing beer full-time. “My goal is to make the best beer,” he says. “But the impact and magnitude of how this influences the deaf community is inspiring.” The brewery maintains an all-deaf staff and prioritizes deaf contractors whenever possible. People who are deaf, especially young people with no experience, face significant barriers to getting service jobs like bartending and brewing. After working at Streetcar 82, however, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to work at another bar or brewery. Ultimately S82 aims to be a brewery where the community comes together and interacts, whether they are deaf or hearing.


This Deaf-Owned Brewery Is The First Of Its Kind
This Deaf-Owned Brewery Is The First Of Its KindEthan McLeod, DCist
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While some patrons chat aloud, many others communicate via American Sign Language, be it to heckle each other over games of cornhole or joke and chat over drinks...
Streetcar 82 makes a name for Deaf-owned businesses
Streetcar 82 makes a name for Deaf-owned businessesAmanda Winters, maryland.gov
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As Hyattsville’s second brewery, and the first Deaf-owned brewery east of the Mississippi River, Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. has made itself a neighborhood staple for Deaf and hearing customers alike ...
Streetcar 82 Brewing: A Good Sign
Streetcar 82 Brewing: A Good SignNancy Vienneau, The Local Palate
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As the first Deaf-owned brewery east of the Mississippi, Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. in Hyattsville, Maryland, broadens the notion that beer brings people together...
Streetcar 82 co-owner Mark Burke honored
Streetcar 82 co-owner Mark Burke honoredHeather Zadig, Streetcar Suburbs
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Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. has already made its mark as a popular watering hole in the four years since it opened — and now, one of its co-owners has received top honors from the State of Maryland. ...
A vibrant community brewery
A vibrant community breweryCraftBeer.com
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Streetcar 82 is a community-focused and -fueled nano brewery in Hyattsville, Maryland. Housed in an old automobile repair shop, Streetcar 82’s desire to feel as comfortable and homey as a friend’s garage applies all the way down to their physical space....
Streetcar 82 Brewing
Streetcar 82 BrewingJack Purdue, Deep Beer
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If you visit S82 you will notice a lot of activity. A corn hole tournament, the food truck, people in line ordering beer, or sitting and drinking a pint . Like most neighborhood breweries there is a lot of communication, some signing, some talking, almost all smiling...
Hyattsville’s Streetcar 82 Named Top Maryland Brewery
Hyattsville’s Streetcar 82 Named Top Maryland BreweryAllison Beckwith, Hyattsville Wire
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Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. was named the best-reviewed craft brewery in Maryland according to the review site Yelp. To celebrate American Craft Beer Week, Yelp looked at its own data to find the top craft breweries in each state...
Crafting Community at Streetcar 82
Crafting Community at Streetcar 82M.K. Koszycki, District Fray
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The genesis of Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. is not unlike many other microbreweries that now heavily populate the DMV. What was born of a humble homebrewing project among a group of friends and Gallaudet graduates evolved into a brick-and-mortar brewery....

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for asking! We’re a very small brewery and we need to keep kegs on-site so we can make sure our supply is available for our customers and can meet our projected demands. We wish we could sell kegs but unfortunately cannot.

We do have our own Hard Seltzers that are gluten free pretty often. Check our “On Tap” page to see if we have it before you come and visit. Please do feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic gluten-free options if you want to join your friends. We do provide Boylan’s Soda and Wild Bay Kombucha which is gluten-free and vegan

Yes, we are! We’re all about community, what is community without kids? Parents, please do keep your kids within reach and ensure they are well behaved. We are a production brewery and while we do encourage kids, safety first please! Keep an eye on your kiddos!

Absolutely! Feel free to bring your own food/non-alcoholic drink or order takeout from any place nearby! Pizzeria Paradiso is right around the corner.

However, NO outside alcohol of any sort can be consumed on our property. We have a zero-tolerance policy in place for this. Our license does not allow for any outside alcohol. People who bring in outside alcohol will be asked to leave immediately. Growlers are also not permitted to be consumed on-premises.

No, we don’t. Our model is built on the idea that a brewery should be self-sustaining and community-oriented. Our sales are 100% taproom-only. We love our business and want to create slow, careful, and sustainable growth in a very competitive environment. We’re not saying, “never!” We’re just saying, “not right now.”

No, due to the specifics of our licensing requirements, we are not able to sell any alcoholic beverages that we do not produce ourselves. Our license also limits us to beer production only.